Is this the Last Christmas Theyíll Let Us Have?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Since my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer I have always gone into every church I have seen. Iíve said a prayer and lit a candle. Itís become an important ritual for me.

The other day I went into a large church which Iíve visited dozens of times. As I entered, a man came hurtling towards me Ė clearly a church employee. He wore plastic gloves and the inevitable mask and he was waving his arms and shouting at me.

`You canít come in,í he said. `Weíre closing.í

I looked at my watch. It was just after 3.00 pm.

`Can I please stay for just two minutes,í I begged. `I just want to pray and light a candle.í

`No,í he said, rudely and rather aggressively. `You can come back tomorrow at 11.00 am.í

`But I wonít be here then,í I said. `Iíll be gone in two minutes. A candle and a short prayer.í I realised, with some slight embarrassment that tears were pouring down my cheeks.

`No,í he said with all the compassion of a government minister Ė or a vaccine salesman. `You have to leave.í

So I left. And Iíll never go into a church again. Iíll be what Iíve been all my life: an irreligious Christian. You donít have to go to church to be or to behave like a Christian.

Our religious leaders have betrayed us this year. And the disdain and contempt they have for us has clearly spread downwards. In my view, the Archbishop of Canterbury is a disgrace Ė a shell of a man. I shall, in future, find my spiritual comfort elsewhere.

Itís not coincidental, of course.

Iím not mad or paranoid but I know enough to know that everything that is happening to us was planned meticulously.

The world hasnít gone mad and politicians arenít behaving stupidly. Everything that has happened since February 2020 has been deliberate. Itís all been planned. I believe Ferguson was chosen to make the predictions because his past record at predicting is appalling. In my view, heís 1% scientist and 99% buffoon. I believe that Hancock was made Minister of Life and Death because he is a half-wit whose blathering incompetence creates confusion, bewilderment and fear. I believe that Whitty and Vallance got to destroy our lives in the UK because they both have links to powers that want to destroy every aspect of our world. Whitty once worked for Gates and Vallance worked for a major vaccine maker. Much the same has, I believed, occurred elsewhere in the world. I wouldnít trust Fauci, the American supremo to syringe my ears or clip my toe nails.

More lies have been told about covid-19 than have ever been told about anything ever before. These havenít been small mistakes. Theyíve been huge, monumental lies. Everything theyíve said and predicted has been wrong. No one could be as stupid as our politicians and their advisors appear to be. Just why doctors, nurses, journalists still believe this nonsense is a mystery. Anyone in those professions who doesnít realise that this is a scam shouldnít be employed.

Iím not being pushy but if governments were honest they would fire all their advisors and hire me. My predictions for what would happen during 2020 have been absolutely accurate since the beginning of the year. And my forecasts are all online for anyone to check.

Iíd advise the Government for a peppercorn one penny a year. But I donít want the job and they wonít hire me of course. They want advisors who get everything wrong.

Temporary measures (as introduced by governments) are never temporary; they become permanent and so in our case the lockdowns, the social distancing, the masks and the hand sanitisers will remain to remind us that we are in danger and should therefore be fearful. The hypoxia caused by the masks will, of course, make people ever more stupid and accepting thereby conditioning them and preparing them to accept future tyrannies.

It is universally accepted among doctors that lockdowns are damaging in every conceivable way. The countries which have avoided lockdowns have done much better than those which have employed them. Even the World Health Organisation has opposed lockdowns.

I have seen it argued that the lockdown introduced in England in November 2020 was caused by people not obeying the rules. That is patently not true. There was never any scientific justification for introducing another national lockdown. Indeed, if anything the lockdown was caused by people obeying the new rules about masks and social distancing too eagerly. If the collaborators, the people who blindly and stupidly put on their deadly masks and volunteer to be tested had used their brains and refused to obey pointless and scientifically unjustifiable orders from a totalitarian government and its small army of advisors, the lockdown would have never been introduced and England would have quickly got back to the `oldí normal, rather than taking another step towards the `newí normal which will result in a complete loss of freedom.

The other day, I discovered an old paper I had read but forgotten about. It is rather depressing and supports the conclusions I made in my book `Paper Doctorsí (which was published in 1977 and is long out of print).

Entitled `How evidence-based medicine (EBM) is failing due to biased trials and selective publicationí and published in the `Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practiceí, the paper is a damning one. Evidence-based medicine is defined as the `conscientious and judicious use of current best evidence in conjunction with clinical expertise and patient values to guide health care decisionsí.

In other words, the aim is to provide patients with care based on the best, most reliable and most appropriate knowledge.

But it seems that although health care costs have continued to soar there is a lack of evidence to suggest that EBM has resulted in health gains for patients. The paper suggests that the potential for improving health care has been thwarted by bias in the choice of hypotheses tested, by the manipulation of study design and by selective publication. (In other words, journals are only publishing research work which is helpful to drug companies. The research which criticises new products is never published.)

`Evidence for these flaws is clearest in industry-funded studies,í say the authors, who argue that the indiscriminate acceptance of `evidenceí produced by drug companies is `akin to letting politicians count their own votesí.

The authors also point out that most studies are funded by drug companies and that `clinical decisions based on such evidence are likely to be misinformed, with patients given less effective, harmful or more expensive treatments.í

The authors call for more independent research, and for the formation of more informed and independent bodies to assess the available research. And they suggest that research which is biased should be downgraded in value.

This paper was published in 2014. Nothing has changed except to get worse. I am not surprised. I made the same points (and the same suggestions) back in 1977.

The world is now corrupt almost beyond comprehension and I am appalled at how many people continue to obey laws which they know are mad, bad and dangerous. One mask wearer told me the other day that he knows that the whole thing is a hoax but that he wears his mask for an easy life. Itís people like that, cowards to be frank, who are enabling the politicians and their advisors. They are collaborators and they are contemptible.

And day by day the net is tightening.

In Birmingham in England, the city council has suggested that people should be allowed to dine in a restaurant if they have a test first. A test that has been proved not to work.

A plague on Birmingham council. Citizens should boycott any restaurant which takes part in any such foul schemes.

A health company wrote and told me that most destinations are requiring travellers to have a covid test before travelling. `Many border agencies are requesting sight of a lab report confirming that you do not have the virus. And the tests must be within a few days prior to your arrival. Moreover, some places request a signed letter from a doctor confirming the negative result.

Theyíre arenít yet demanding proof of vaccination. Theyíre demanding proof that you had a test that just about every sane doctor in the world knows is utterly useless. Itís institutional hysteria. Everyone demanding a test should be locked up for our protection.

The other day, an MP in the UK called Oliver Dowden stated that `the Government is not censoring those who have criticisms about the approach the Government is taking on the on-going pandemic; people are always free to disagree with the approach we have taken.í

Oh yeah?

I bet there are no jokes that good in this yearís Christmas crackers.

Weíre free to disagree as long we donít expect to be allowed to share the facts in the main stream media, on the internet or out in public. We are free to disagree in the privacy of our own bathrooms. Thanks, Olly. What a treat.

The police are having fun too. In some areas they have launched border checks between tier 2 and tier 3 lockdown areas. Personally, I have absolutely no idea whether Iím in a tier 1 or tier 2 or tier 467. And I very much doubt if anyone who isnít running a pub has any idea either.

And then thereís long covid.

Oh dear.

Iíll tell you something: people who have had the flu can get muscle pains and depression for months afterwards. It was never dignified with the name `long fluí though.

`Long covidí is another part of the psychological operation to scare us. And it will, inevitably, mean that more and more people develop strange symptoms. We are all susceptible to the idea that we might have, or be vulnerable to, new symptoms or diseases. Itís a natural, human fear which can be enhanced by being given too much information.

When I was a medical student, one of my flatmates had 17 lethal diseases in a month. He wasnít alone. Another fellow I trained with was for weeks convinced that he was pregnant. He made a good recovery and became a psychiatrist.

We all have a tendency to develop hypochondriasis. Research a disease and the chances are that youíll start worrying that youíve got the symptoms.

And Iím afraid there will be some who will use `long covidí as an excuse to stay off work for another six months.

What other symptoms are they going to invent?

When is Dr Whitty going to warn us that postal delays are a result of covid-19. Or if your toaster doesnít work then itís because of covid?

And itís all going to get worse because too many people are wearing masks for an easy life.

Everyone with O level biology has been wound up and wheeled into a BBC studio to tell us that allowing us to have a Christmas is a big mistake. That the result will be terrible. And it will be our fault.

And Public Health England, which is so full of bullshit that I honestly thought had been shut down and turned into a public lavatory, reported that during the lockdown supermarkets were the most common place for people to visit before they tested positive. Gosh. Didnít anyone tell them that supermarkets were the only places open? Everyone visited a supermarket if they wanted to eat or buy socks.

And hereís a quote to cherish. Itís from the British Medical Journal.

`Politicians and governments are suppressing science.í


But still the world is mad. I went to pick up a watch for a friend the other day. The jewellers had kept it because it had to be sterilised before and after they touched it. The assistant in the shop brought the watch from their decontamination area in a plastic bag. And then, with bare hands, she took the watch out of the bag and handed it to me Ė thereby destroying the point of their decontamination process.

More proof that people have no idea what theyíre doing.

Still, there are bright spots.

At the beginning of August, the Spectator magazine in the published an article claiming that millions of people around the world were dying of covid-19.

It was untrue, of course.

But when I complained the Spectator refused to print a correction.

So I complained to the Independent Press Standards Organisation and the other day, after four months deliberation and about six million emails, they judged that the Spectator had to print a correction.

One word was wrong. A vital word. But it took four months to decide it was wrong. Maybe I am unfair but I suspect that if hadnít kept nagging them for a response there would have been no judgement.

This is worse than any war. Itís not what is happening now. Itís what is going to happen next year and in the years to come. They want us to be completely controlled by December 2021. Unless we fight harder there wonít be any more Christmases. Christmas doesnít fit into their plans and nor do individual religions such as Christianity. They want a one world government and a one world religion. The United Nations, the World Economic Forum and governments everywhere will be celebrating this Christmas. They have pulled off the biggest hoax in history and they have no intentions of backing down now.

Are people really so naÔve and stupid that they donít know that the test is crooked, that the figures are false, the predictions rubbish and the vaccine so dangerous and pointless that if Monsanto put it on the market as weed-killer I think it would be banned in a day.

Meanwhile, our message has to be simple and constant.

There is no plague.

The masks, the social distancing are to control us and to teach us to be compliant.

The tests are worse than useless.

The vaccine isnít needed and I believe it will kill many people.

How many?

Your guess is as good as anyone elseís.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2020

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