Fact Sheet on Vaccines: The Truth

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The pro-vaccine establishment likes to demonise those who dare to question vaccination – dismissing them as `anti-vaxxers’. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared that anyone who questions vaccination is a `nut’. I have been demonised as an `anti-vaxxer’ simple because I have published criticisms showing how and when vaccines can be dangerous and ineffective. I believe it is important to study the risk/value ratio for any medicine. If you’re giving a drug to a patient who is dying then risks and side effects are less significant than if you’re giving a drug for a relatively minor illness. Vaccines are usually given to healthy patients, and so it is important that the risks are very small, and side effects preferably transient and insignificant. Sadly, many modern vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Pro-vaxxers steadfastly and obsessively believe that all vaccinations are safe and effective all the time. This is patently not true. The World Health Organisation has admitted that the vaccines pushed by the WHO and Bill Gates have caused a polio outbreak in Sudan with several children now paralysed as a result. Here are some more facts about vaccines which your government (and pro-vaxx journalists) may have forgotten to tell you…

1. Some vaccines (such as those administered nasally) contain millions of live but attenuated viruses. These viruses may sometimes become live and can mutate. In 2016, the Center for Disease Control in the USA, withdrew the nasal flu vaccine because it was not effective. Nasal vaccines can cause serious neurological and behavioural side effects.
2. Making a vaccine in a few months instead of many years massively increases the dangers. Some serious side effects do not appear for years after vaccination. Giving a relatively untested vaccine to seven billion people (as is planned with the covid-19 vaccine) may result in hundreds of thousands dying or being made seriously ill.
3. The H1N1 flu vaccine resulted in lawsuits all over the world. The British Medical Journal has reported that months before serious side effects were reported, both the manufacturer and public health officials knew about the danger.
4. GlaxoSmithKline (one of the drug companies making a covid-19 vaccine) has been fined many times. For example, after pleading guilty to federal criminal offences GSK agreed to pay a fine of $3 billion. The largest health care fraud in US history. The company was fined $490 million for bribery in China. There is a list of some of the fines paid by GSK on www.vernoncoleman. com
5. The British Government paid out £60 million to patients who had been damaged by GSK’s Pandemrix vaccine. (GSK had demanded that the Government indemnify it against claims for damages). The British Government has to pay out so much money to the parents of children damaged by some vaccines that there is a fixed fee of £120,000 per severely damaged child. In the United States, the Government has paid out over $4 billion for vaccine injuries. That money has been paid to 18,000 individuals. That’s a lot of money for governments to pay out for treatments that are supposed to be perfectly safe. In the 2019 fiscal year, $131,485,775 was paid out to vaccine damaged individuals in compensation.
6. The UK’s Chief Scientific Officer, Sir Patrick Vallance, worked for GSK between 2006 and 2018. By the time he left, he was a member of the board. Vallance is enthusiastic about a new vaccine for covid-19.
7. Other vaccine manufacturers also have a terrible safety record. Astra Zeneca is also preparing a vaccine for covid-19. There is a list of fines paid by Astra Zeneca on www.vernoncoleman.com. I suggest you read the details before accepting a vaccine made by the company.
8. No long-term, independent research has been done to compare the health of children who have had a full set of vaccinations against the health of children who have had no vaccinations. Surely, if the vaccinators had faith in their product that would be the first research they would do? Pro-vaxx supporters refuse to debate the value of vaccination.
9. No long-term, independent research has been done to measure the inter-reaction between vaccines and prescription drugs.
10. Does repeated vaccination weaken the immune system? No long-term, independent research has been done to measure the effect of vaccination on the immune system.
11. No research has been done to check whether giving so many vaccines to small children causes health problems.
12. Patients who suffer from serious side effects after a covid-19 vaccination will not be able to take legal action for damages. Drug companies, governments and doctors are all protected from litigation – even if patients are paralysed for life.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2020

Dr Vernon Coleman, a former GP, is the author of many international bestselling books including Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe and Effective is Lying (Here’s the Proof) which is available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback.